We use field study in conjunction with paleomagnetic, rock magnetic, and collaborative stratigraphic, geochemical, and geo/petrochronologic approaches to investigate a wide range of planetary processes. Specifically, our utilizes the unique information encoded in the magnetic and chemical properties of geological materials to understand tectonic, paleoclimate, and paleoecological processes, and to recognize feedbacks between geodynamics, climate change, and surface processes.

Our group is actively working in the following areas of Earth System Science:

Tectonics & Paleogeography

  1. the tectonics and paleogeography of the Tibetan Plateau and India-Asia collision zone

  2. the Mesozoic paleogeography of the Alxa region of Central Asia

Geochronology Applied to Climate, Igneous Processes, and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

  1. timescales and dynamics of ecological, oceanographic, and surface process responses to Cenozoic carbon cycle events (K-Pg, PETM, EOT, Oligocene, OMB, and MMCO)

  2. the timescales and distribution of Yellowstone related Quaternary volcanism

  3. terrestrial and marine records of geomagnetic excursions

Surface and Crustal Processes

  1. developing more robust inorganic proxies for studying wildfire in deep time

  2. relationships between climate, weathering, and soil substrates

  3. diagenesis, fluid-rock interaction, and remagnetization in orogenic systems


  1. magnetofossils as ecological and environmental biomarkers

  2. microbe-rock-fluid interactions in young oceanic crust

Given the scale of these problems, I draw from a diverse quiver of approaches and strong collaborations with other geoscientists. My work involves a substantial and essential component of field study. I also utilize archived material (e.g., from ocean and lake cores), as well as construct compilations of magnetic, geochemical, and ecological information. Most of my research involves analytical laboratory work, which includes a variety of magnetic experiments as well as SEM and TEM microscopy. My collaborations include isotope, trace-element, and organic geochemistry, petrochronology, structural analysis, marine micropaleontology, and sedimentary basin analysis.

Check out the publications for more information about my research program. Feel free to contact me with any questions.